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Design, colour, art and wood define the personality of the Viokox offices, a Valencian cosmetics company who have undergone comprehensive refurbishment by VM Taller de Proyectos and Arqueha Arquitectos. The project has achieved its objective: to transmit an image that is more in line with the values of dynamism and strength which define the brand. Actiu, with the support of its collaborator Oficines, has equipped a large part of these new offices.

Open spaces, which promote collaborative working and the exchange of ideas, are the main hallmarks of offices which, through design, aspire to attract the talent of the new generations, aware of the value added provided by interior design, and thus creating a comfortable environment to work in.

The new Viokox facilities are located in Picassent and have a surface area of 12,640 square metres, of which 1,400 are used for offices and 250 square metres are used for research and development. The project developed has led to a radical change in the day-to-day way of working there.


This project has included various furniture proposals: the versatile Stay chairs equip open operational spaces, coming together with the functionality of the Vital Plus tables and the pedestals filling solution.

Nature, in line with the latest biophilic office trends, has also found its place in this project based on Greenarea's preserved plant motifs, which inhabit the vertical gardens and the planters that have been strategically placed in all the rooms, which provide freshness and delicacy.

“Light, modern style and hardwood. That was our aesthetic vision for this project and it fit perfectly with what the Viokox management team had in mind, who have a working philosophy which is very dynamic. They needed large open spaces, which would allow them to expand their team, and meeting rooms and different and welcoming socialising spaces, without hierarchy, because ideas can come about at any time and in any place. That’s why there are whiteboards everywhere, even in the offices. Efficiency and flexibility have also been key”, explains Verónica Corral and Mari Carmen Hernández, interior designers at VM Taller de Proyectos.

Creativity and boosting talent are the premises of this interior design project. Hence, its creative area gives off colour and design on all sides. And it is in this space where the Badminton chairs provide this environment with a unique and avant-garde character.

The comprehensive array of materials has been brought to life not only in the furniture but also in continuous and sound absorbing carpets, which improve the acoustic sensation of the offices and provide a sophisticated play of colours, and in wooden structures that result in wall coverings, in dividers, in cabinets and tables that become the common thread of interior design.


Two large-scale creations provide the artistic personality to the project, by the graphic artist Julieta XLF. Two impressive proposals that permeate Viokox’s socialising and teamwork spaces with energy and creativity and that represent, on the one hand, the allegory of Ave Fénix and, on the other hand, a boat where everyone is rowing in the same direction.

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