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ACTIU Case Study - Spain

SunPower is a global leader in the development of high efficient solar energy solutions for individuals, companies and public administrators, as well as for commercial buildings and electric companies. Recently it opened its new administrative centre in Madrid.



The company has sought to create modern and functional work spaces which reflect its identity and corporate values. Spacious rooms with abundant natural light where the employees can develop their day in a pleasant way.

The Vital program of desks, is an absolute star in this installation. For equipping the different operative positions we have used some different options which this versatile program offers. Thus, we find double and individual desks, with auxiliary wings and all of them with a table top in white melamine and metal aluminized legs.



Each position also has a mobile pedestal with three drawers, also in white, in keeping with the rest of the furniture. In the double compositions, the table top dividers defines the work surface. The Idonia 110 chairs upholstered in black  complete the operative positions. In some cases, they are also equipped with two Íkara visitor chairs.

To complete the area designed for filing, modular cabinets have been placed ( from medium height with a shelf to high).

The spacious modular cabinets stand out against the orange walls thanks to the choice of colours and materials which combine the metal, with the doors in white melamine and black glass.



In the area destined to be a canteen the cheerful colour of the Spacio Colectiva chairs dominate, a light and multi-purpose chair which fuses simplicity and robustness of the structure with functionality of its benefits. The tables used, correspond to the Plek program, as you can fold and stack them with ease, the room can accommodate itself in a simple way to the needs of the moment.

The meeting room is a icon of modernism and avant-garde which plays with the contrast of black and white. The elegant Íkara chair, swivel with auto-return, has been installed with a monoblock shell in wengue on the outside, while the seat and back has been upholstered in white leather.



The Vital meeting desks demonstrate all their adaptability here by offering a top in black glass with a corporate design engraved on its surface. Also, in order not to lose any operability a central electrification channel for wiring crosses the desk lengthwise.

Another configuration for the meeting rooms has been carried out, the same line as  previously, in this case with the Vital top of the desk in wengue, to match the cabinets.

The offices have been solved with complete equipment consisting of a Vital work desk with auxiliary wings and a pedestal with three drawers, a TNK chair upholstered in cream and a Íkara vistor chair. Furthermore, for private meetings we have installed a Circular Base oval desk and some modular cabinets.


Used ​​Programs