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Sustainability and adaptability are the pillars of the philosophy and business line of Selev Biogroup, the new division of the Valencian holding company, Nuova Sesac, which is devoted to bio-waste and has become a benchmark in the circular economy.

This commitment to minimising the environmental impact of human activity is what led Selev Biogroup to redesign its offices to make them more efficient and sustainable in order for them to reflect, as much as possible, the company´s philosophy and, for this, they sought flexible and versatile furniture that enables making the most of all resources.




In this context of seeking workspaces where flexibility, efficiency and sustainability prevail, the company, whose offices are located in the Valencian municipality of Alfafar, opted for Actiu solutions, supplied by its partner, Oficines

Redesigning the workspaces was carried out under the premise of having different environments for different uses: an office where coffee can be drunk and impromptu meetings can be held, lounge areas where videoconferences can be held and where creativity can flow, independent offices to foster concentration along with meeting rooms where team work can be unleashed.

Work stations in collective spaces were equipped with the range of Vital desks which are characterised by their versatility.





Seeking maximum comfort and ergonomics, the project has Stay and TNK Flex office chairs for individual work stations. Furthermore, meeting rooms, with a large table in the centre, were equipped with the elegant Cron model that provides sophistication without compromising the well-being of users. 

One of the project´s characteristics is the choice of materials that seek maximum sustainability and which respond to the holding company´s philosophy. Furthermore, the materials chosen also respond to a concern for efficiency and the well-being of its users as they provide sound insulation that counteracts the resonance of the glassed areas.

An integral renovation where every element, from the design to the materials and furniture chosen, responds to the same concern with regard to efficiency, well-being and sustainability.




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