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Actiu has, once again, teamed up with its partner in Moscow, Statio Project, to work on the latest Sberbank Headquarters project. Just like it did in its Moscow offices , winner of the Grand Prix Award and Best Office Awards in 2018, Russia´s biggest bank has committed to an agile working model, moving away from the serious and strict nature usually associated with the banking industry, towards a more open, friendly and attractive model.

The Swiss architecture studio, Evolution Design, and the Russian T+T Architects were entrusted with the interior design of this new and surprising multifunctional space, where agile work spaces as well as conference and meeting rooms coexist with coworking areas and a restaurant.

This atrium, the heart and soul of the entire building, and with a clear height of 7 floors, allows for multiple uses, with comfortable areas to hold informal meetings or simply rest, high tables for impromptu meetings or individual work areas equipped with light and versatile Stay chairs.



Coming in different colours, the multi-purpose Stay chair enables customising the design to each situation: light tones in the atrium and dark colours in the operational areas. To take advantage of natural light and thus reduce the use of artificial lighting, the latter is placed along the facades, both street-facing and inside the atrium.

Flooded with natural light that pierces through the glass roof, the atrium is filled with references to biophilic design and the natural environment, such as the wooden floor and certain pieces of furniture, the interspersed vegetation of the window boxes or the two, over 20-metre high, walls with real plants.



Actiu was involved in the vast auditorium on the ground floor, having provided the Audit seats. Compact in volume, it can be reduced to the maximum when not in use. Its ergonomic seat allows for stable recovery and optimum comfort; and its linear and minimalist design stands out from the parametric casing of acoustic panels that cover the walls and ceiling.

With these new headquarters, Sberbank has taken another step forward in its commitment to an agile work model that requires work spaces to be easily adaptable to constantly changing projects and teams. With modular designs that allow for freely scalable operational areas and numerous types of meeting rooms, leisure spaces and relaxation areas, each floor can be converted into an autonomous unit with its own reception.