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The interior design studio Bloomint Design, formed by Manu Bauza, Caroline Jaussaud and Caroline Savin, has been chosen to develop the new headquarters for the MCI Group in Geneva. Assisted by Actiu in designing the space, they have focused on a balance between corporate design and implementing new social spaces, promoting community interaction and introspection.

MCI is a company dedicated to people and their community, present in over 31 countries and with more than 2,000 employees. Their aim is to create innovative experiences in professional communities, organising events, conferences and managing associations, in industrial as well as science and technology sectors. One of their most recent projects and most ambitious was organising the Olympic Games of Rio de Janeiro.

A company whose talent lies in events management in order to promote creativity and communication. It was in need of offices that united work and communication, places that will be used for interaction but also introspection. Their new headquarters has been designed in a space of 3,000 m2 within a new building of 6,000 m2, placing the company's values and people at the heart of the offices' design.

With this change, MCI seeks its big small revolution: some new central offices that make a difference from what they had before. Their aim is clear: to optimise the space, provide flexibility to the workplace as well as promote the exchange of ideas and, finally, to capture the essence of their own brand.

The architecture studio Bloomint in Barcelona has proposed an office with a variety of new spaces. An open space, private rooms, but also a large cafeteria, gym, large meeting areas, resting areas, telephone booths and even a games room. The concept came from offices designed for people, finding a balance between corporate design and social spaces. So they divided two large spaces into corporate and non-corporate areas. The primary aim: the well-being of their employees and attracting talent, creating a work space where people want to work.

The space is divided according to the uses and exchanges to promote according to the type of furniture.



That is why in the corporate area flexibility dominates the different spaces, creating a main theme that defines the meeting areas according to the level of privacy of the offices and the open space itself.

The private meeting rooms have been equipped with Prisma desks and Urban chairs.

Longo was selected to equip some of the socialising areas and relaxation spaces for the new offices, outside of the more corporate space and with chromatic tones that appeal to nature.

In the 100% operational space and where the working positions are found in the open space, the Longo desks are used, along with screens in different shades, as well as installing Stay as task seating.


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