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Open and bright offices where the colour red plays a key role. A space where each member of the team chooses what workstation to work at, at all times, with an individual locker for their personal belongings. With meeting rooms and comfortable and relaxing areas for informal meetings and themed booths where private phone calls can be made. These are the new offices of the multinational toy company Mattel, the result of a project carried out by the interior design studio AreaZero2.0 in Barcelona.

Two open floors that have marked a before and after in the way the company works in Spain. From a hierarchical space separated into offices, its two floors have now been converted into large, open spaces, totalling 957 square metres of surface area.

A distribution of space, and furniture, that has resulted in a more flexible and smart working methodology, in which communication and teamwork are prioritised.



An environment that transmits creativity, imagination and well-being in every last detail. From the distribution of the space to the colour red, which stands out from the chromatic neutrality of the rest of the elements, to each one of Actiu's pieces of furniture, which needed to adapt to this constant flow of people passing from one workstation to another throughout the day.

This is why we opted for highly versatile, functional and comfortable ranges for the open space area, capable of providing comfort to all users of the workspace.

The Vital Pro tables, with sound-absorbing screens, are combined with the Stay task chair, to improve user comfort and provide greater freedom of movement. This carefree vibe can also be felt in the different meeting rooms, which are equipped with Urban Plus chairs, in red, which is the company´s corporate colour.



For its part, the dining room space is the aesthetic counterpoint to the rest of the offices, where neutral tones enable employees to disconnect from their daily lives and enjoy a moment of rest at lunchtime. The TAR 10 tables and the Wing chairs that equip this space, in different pastel shades, are designed for intensive use and are highly functional, as well as providing a pleasant aesthetic.

The upholstered seat Wing chairs equip the closed booths where telephone calls are made and private meetings are held. These phonebooths are all different and each design is a nod to each of Mattel´s brands.

Spaces aimed at less formal meetings are one of the hallmarks of these offices. From cylindrical cubicles and tiered areas that look like a children´s playground; to an exhibition area for materials that Actiu has equipped with Whass chairs and stools, and a Tabula alta table, that foster more dynamic work meetings (even standing up), encouraging the team to physically move throughout their working day.

Mattel thus starts a new chapter in this pleasant, open, fun and light-filled space where creativity is at the heart of it all.


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