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ACTIU Case Study - Spain


The refurbishment of the Eurofred office in Madrid has sought to be a tipping point of the company for its modernisation, promoting cultural and labour towards more open spaces, with multiple and flexible possibilities to meet and work with customers and partners.

Furthermore, the ideas developed in the Madrid offices have functioned as a ´test laboratory´ with the intention of incorporating these changes into future reorganisations of the headquarters of the Eurofred group.



The project should incorporate the values of the company: modesty, honesty and concern for the environment. With these requirements as a starting point, they have created a space with a very warm image, which invites you to feel at ease, invites you to come and communicate, but at the same time very practical and simple, as requested by the customer.

The architectural and interior studio areazero 2.0 chose Prisma, the new Actiu desk, as the core of the office furniture. An operative program of desks with a design inspired by the Nordic style which aims to provide warm and simple workspaces and adapts themselves perfectly to the needs of the projects.

Prisma is elegant and minimalist.

Prisma hides a highly complex structure. The junction of its legs, made in a pyramidal shape and with a compact aspect which appears to be produced from a unique piece, was a challenge in the design and the manufacturing process of this desk. Its finish in natural wood acacia colour, brings a sense of order and cleanliness, tinged by white of the modular cabinets which accompany the composition.



The modular cabinets and tabletop screens offer a dual part in this project. On one hand, they fulfill the function for which they were created, files and a divider, respectively. On the hand, the modular cabinets, with their multiple configurations, have been used to create environments and the upholstered tabletop screens enhance the range used, which is the same as the coating as hydraulic tiles on one of the walls.

The end result is a combination of harmony and comfortability which provides a very solid base for future proposals.

Used ​​Programs