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For years, the way of working and workspaces have been changing, and coworking spaces such as Utopicus are a good example of this. This “coworkers” company, as they define themselves, offers the market a new concept of flexible, open, modern and collaborative workspaces, which helps the cultural, social and digital transformation of companies. For this, Utopicus offers added value in all its headquarters in Madrid and Barcelona: much more than a space for renting work desks, it is a collaborative environment that focuses on networking and training, through activities and events that inspire as well as culture and art.


The Madrid Gran Vía and Príncipe de Vergara streets are two of the strategic locations chosen by Utopicus in Madrid, as they are central, with different access points and are close to public transport. While the Principe de Vergara headquarters have opted for a neighbourhood with great commercial and business activity, the Gran Vía headquarters, located on one of the most emblematic areas of the city, has its sights set on becoming an infrastructural benchmark in the artistic and cultural field, not only due to its characteristics, but also due to an interesting socio-cultural programme.


With the same qualities and services, both venues blend in with their surroundings: although each one is unique, they have the ability to understand and soak up the DNA of the neighbourhood they are located in.

At Príncipe de Vergara, the Utopicus coworkers share space with the employees and clients of their majority partner, the real estate company Colonial. Newly built and with the LEED Gold Sustainability Certificate, the building is the work of specialists in sustainable construction, Ortiz. León Arquitectos, with interior design from the Madrid in Love studio. Its interior houses attractive common areas, meeting rooms and training spaces where synergies and collaborations are generated.



Inspired by the “home office” concept, Utopicus Príncipe de Vergara is the result of a comparative study between working at home and working in an office. To respond to the large increase, both in area (of the old space, from 1,000 to 4,000 square metres), and in users (from 100 to 400), the project chose to divide the office and coworking areas into 'apartments'. Although they all belong to the same 'community of neighbours', the space is enriched by generating small communities within a much larger one. Among them there are English courtyards and a large garden area for resting or working.


In addition to moving away from the classic white and gray office tones and excessively vibrant colours, it has opted for providing spaces with a more homely atmosphere for the benefit of user comfort. Furthermore, at Utopicus Príncipe de Vergara, the choice of different colours and materials gives each of the apartments a different identity.

The Prince of Vergara´s curtain wall and the four street facades, combined with the two interior light patios and the skylight in the roof, of Gran Vía, fill both venues with natural light. At Príncipe de Vergara, linear technical lighting ensures correct illumination of the work surface, combined with decorative lamps that give it a unique personality.

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