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Cibeles Palace

ACTIU Case Study - Spain


Cibeles Cultural and Citizen centre is located in a symbolic building in Madrid, the 'Cibeles' Palace, the old palace of telecommunications and today the headquarters of Madrid town hall and the third most important cultural and museum space in the city. This historic place full of ideas from the XXI century, defining a new cultural and citizen friendly environment.

Declared a Cultural monument of interest in 1993 and with an average 100.000 visitors each month, it was opened to the public in 2011, with the objective, according to the organisation, “to make the most sophisticated art and culture coexist with critical spaces for reflection and citizen life”.



Actiu in its aim to promote art and culture and in its interest in getting old historic buildings once again back in use, has participated in the redesign and integration project of the heritage of Madrid, by fitting furniture in the library and its reading areas.

The two products chosen for this installation are the combination of the Vital desk and the Urban chairBoth in white, bringing light and neutrality to the rooms, in which a variety of colours and styles are prominent.



The Vital desk represents the perfect background to a cabinet and thus, matches practically everything. Its versatility and simple lines make it possible to adapt itself to any work environment, either collective or private. In the Cibeles Palace the Vital individual, twin and progressive desk have been placed, adapting the product to each place that it occupies.

Urban was designed for a universal use and for this reason recreates the universe on its backrest. A comfortable, light and generous chair in different sizes which have more than twenty different combinations in one unique program. In this project the model used is the one where the seat and backrest have been manufactured in polypropylene, shaped into one piece anchored to the cast aluminium frame.


Used ​​Programs