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Audi Med Cup

ACTIU Case Study - Spain


Alicante was the departure port in 2008, for the prestigious regatta to sail the Med Cup which has been celebrated in Europe since 2005 and is organised by the company World Sailing Management (WSM).One of the biggest attractions of the Audi MedCup is that there is no compensation of time. The first to cross the finish line wins. More than 20 boats, from the fastest in the world were represented by 14 nations, who participated in this event which sailed the Alicante waters for five days.

The German automobile company Audi, one of the most important companies in its sector worldwide for its technological innovation, is the principal sponsor of Med Cup. Actiu equipped the official installations of Audi MedCup with an ephemeral architecture project, designed expressly for this sporting event.



The Plek program, designed by Alegre Industrial, brings together the tables and chairs which have been chosen for this show. It is a nomad and versatile collection, with soft and sleek lines which fits perfectly into an event with the characteristics of the Mediterranean waters and sport.

We thought about the composition with a very practical and comfortable design, choosing the folding version of Plek to equip the Communications and Press areas. The selection of this program is a recognition at the forefront and the quality of Plek, whose chair has been awarded the Red Dot Design award, in the Product Design 2008 category.



The lightweight design of the Plek chair, combined with fine materials such as cast aluminium, turns it into a unique piece in its range.

The Plek program is complemented with trolleys which enable easy storage and transport for both the desks as well as the chairs. The combination of desks and folding chairs enable the creation of highly functional and aesthetic features, capable of integrating themselves into the most diverse environments



The areas for Press and the publication of results were complemented with the Viva chair. A monoblock chair designed by Alegre Industrial for Actiu.

The case is made of dual injected material SEBS on a rigid polypropylene case with mineral particles. The SEBS material provides a padded surface, with a soft touch and the durability necessary for intensive use. It is a material highly resistant to water and easy to clean. Furthermore, it retains all its own chemical properties, including colour intensity against exposure to prolonged sunlight.


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