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ACTIU Case Study - Spain


AstraZeneca is a British-Swedish pharmaceutical company that operates on a worldwide level driven by innovation and focused on the discovery, development, and commercialization of prescription medicines. It has recently acquired Almirall's respiratory drugs.

The pharmaceutical group decided to keep all the talent which it incorporated in Barcelona, retaining 90 professionals in Research and Marketing, those from Almirall and equipped an office of 1500 m2 in the emblematic DAU building, located on Diagonal Avenue. In this way, the Catalan capital has become one of the five global research centers of AstraZeneca, along with Britain, Sweden, The USA and Germany.

El DAU (The die), the building in which AstraZeneca can be found, is named after its regular architectural lines and consists of 9 floors, 100% exterior, divided into eight modules. It is a building constructed with high-end materials and finishes. All its facilities have been awarded rating B energy efficiency. The company was clear from the outset that it should have new office furniture, thus the Actiu brand can be found which has supplied the best-suited products for its needs.

Actiu along with Tetris, solved the idea that the customer wanted to implement with this new space, configuring operational positions that transmit innovation, sustainability, talent, warmth and simplicity, the main features of a current R&D and marketing department

These concepts bring together a program of Prisma operational desks and meeting tables, designed in Nordic style aesthetics, warm and seemingly simple, but it hides an ingenious technique developed in its structure. Its acacia wood finish and the junction of its legs, made in a pyramidal shape which seems to be produced from one piece, provides space with a compact appearance, while soft and pleasant.

In the meeting areas, the Prisma desk can be found combined with the Cron chair, with a low back. Using this chair, one can see the care and detail of its seams, thanks to the innovative manufacturing of its upholstery through the most advanced thermo-fusion processes, which provide an elegant style but at the same time minimalist.





Another point which had a lot of emphases placed upon it was the way the wiring was integrated into the desks. Actiu solved this by using Prisma operative desks with electrification access covers in the same finish as the desktop, which goes virtually unnoticed and enhances the operativity of it.

In addition, channels have been placed for horizontal electrification underneath the desks and vertical cabling can be found nestled between the middle legs. The result is clean, tidy and transparent aesthetics.

The chairs chosen to cover the operating positions were the TNK A500. The sum of the functional, technical and technological details make it a chair with a timeless design. In these offices they have been installed using a white frame in contrast with the upholstery in black, highlighting the presence of the chairs in the workspace.


This was a project in which attention to detail and accessories were of the utmost importance, not only aesthetically but in order to provide comfort to the users of the space. The sound-absorbing desktop dividers which define each workspace are an example; not only consistent with the image and the color of the rest of the installation but furthermore, its sound-absorbing technical upholstery provides the environment with the opportunity to develop work optimally.

As a final result, AstraZeneca has new offices in Barcelona which makes you feel comfortable, communicative, practical, simple and with a high level of comfort.


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