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ACTIU Case Study - Finland


Built in 1919, the Astoria Room is a clear example of the neo-classical style, which has retained its original oak floors, as well as its ornate walls, baseboards and ceilings that are over eight metres high. In its beginnings, the Astoria Room was a theatre-cinema that continued running until the late 80’s, when it was transformed into a banquet hall.

Currently, the facilities are suitable for organising events, business or informal meetings, a ballroom, banquets, shows or concerts that are accompanied by a complete catering service.

Wing was chosen by Astoria’s interior designer, along with Kimmo Kaarlejärvi's team from Modeo, as the seat for every room. With a vintage style design and as the winner of the IF Design and Red Dot design awards, Wing is a natural technological evolution of the traditional wooden chair, adapted to more efficient production processes and technical advances that confer it the ability to fit in with any setting, whether indoor or outdoor. It is precisely this adaptability that makes it ideal for creating social spaces for meetings, coffee shops, waiting rooms or even luxurious party halls, like in this Astoria Helsinki project.



The main room is presided over by a stage and a spacious 200 square metre hall, with capacity for 500 people. In addition, it has an amphitheatre above from where you can get a perfect panoramic view of the room.

Kimmo Kaarlejärvi has chosen the version of the Wing in white, which is young and fresh in clear contrast with the classicism of the rooms. Its lightness and ability to be stacked, as well as its ease of cleaning and comfortable seating, have made this chair the undisputed star of this multipurpose room that is prepared to host family, business or institutional events. The black padded seat gives it added comfort and a touch of solemnity to the environment, so that it fits in perfectly with this majestic room.



The Astoria facilities, spread over three floors, also offer smaller rooms, conference rooms for business meetings or family gatherings. The flexibility of Wing, made of polypropylene with fibreglass, guarantees the longevity of the chair and makes it one hundred percent recyclable. Wing can be stacked up to six heights, making it very comfortable for creating different configurations in one space.

The new Astoria Room is clearly committed to preserving the essence of classicism, adding in the innovation, technology and comfort of the 21st century. Two different eras that are a century apart live together in perfect harmony in a building that continues to remain at the forefront of the Finish capital’s centre.

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