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AMC Latin America

Miami - USA


AMC Latin America is a business unit of AMC Networks International, which produces and distributes 12 television channels in 26 countries, reaching 124 million households. Their content encompasses a wide variety of genres including cinema, lifestyle, entertainment, sports, children's television, and documentaries.

Recently, AMC Networks International Latin America moved to its new headquarters in Coral Gables, Miami. This 16,424 square feet space fills an entire floor of the 2020 Ponce office complex owned by Florida East Coast Realty and will house an approximate of 50 employees. 

About the building itself, Donna Abood, representative of Florida East Coast Realty, said  “The building’s upgrades, such as spectacular panoramic views from private and 360-degree wraparound balconies, as well as state-of-the-art technology, security, and communications systems, will provide the highest level of service and convenience to AMC Networks International Latin America’s workforce and clients.”

“We are excited to have selected 2020 Ponce as our new headquarters location. (...) The new location, along with the high-tech, full-floor office space, and exclusive balcony, set this opportunity apart from all others.” said Ricardo Deben, CFO and Administrative Officer in AMC Networks Latin America.



The acclaimed architectural firm Insight Design called upon Masof Furniture USA and ACTIU to join efforts in applying their expertise to furnish this new space and elevate it to the best of its potential. This task was proudly achieved by making the best of their collaborative partnerships in order to attain the right kind of materials and installations for AMC Latin America's needs.

For starters, the main workstation area was fitted with Vital desks for its blend of simplicity and a great range of added solutions. It's easy to be combined with D300 screens and some tabletop screenings that would partition the combined Vital table surfaces into individuals and groups. This facilitated the creation of multiple complete workstations that could foster teamwork and communication in shared spaces without sacrificing privacy.

Rotating Urban Plus chairs with fixed legs were an ideal complement to this setup, allowing comfortable seating for guests and visitors while being visually compatible with the rest of the office. Each individual work station was also complemented with a mobile Bucks storage unit.

For shared purposes, medium-height Modular storage units were placed both for its capacity and to function as another partition between walking areas and workspaces.

Furnishings for executive offices made use of the chromed elegance present in Arkitek desks and combined it with Urban Plus chairs for guests. Black colors added to the precise sobriety in all spaces, with polished surfaces that contrasted nicely with the external light sources in these offices.



And since the 2020 Ponce building features extensive terraces, Soft S50 sofas were an excellent choice to provide casual seatings for their indoor spaces that would provide a proper counterpart to the already furnished outdoor spaces.

For smaller meeting rooms and shared workspaces, square Vital tables in white surfaces were combined with the Urban Plus chair, which size enabled it to fit two persons per side.

Conference rooms required to reflect the professional style required by AMC Latin America's image, but also enough versatility to become an allow for conference interactions and the display of visual media. Because of this, Arkitek conference tables in white glass were employed in conjunction with Ikara chairs, providing a robust quality that did not sacrifice in appearance or functionality.

Being a broadcast company, they would, of course, feature their own screening room in an auditorium style. The screening room was furnished by employing our signature Audit seatings, contributing with their modern design style and adaptable configuration to make an optimal space. 




Lastly, the kitchen area greets its visitors with a glass wall with the words 'Food Unites Us' in Spanish. To follow this theme, it was fitted with round Tabula Tex tables and the monobloc marvel provided by Wing Chairs, which would prove durable, light and colorful at the same time.

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