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After its first offices in Bangkok, in the Park Ventures Ecoplex and Sathorn Square, Victor Club opens a new headquarters in the FYI Center. Designed as a modern centre used for conferences, seminars, workshops, business meetings, parties and banquets, with a capacity for 200 people, the space reflects the commitment of its owner, Goldenland, to the community.

With a hotel and work, leisure and social spaces inside, the FYI Center enjoys an unbeatable location in Bangkok's central business district. Certified with LEED Gold, its design promotes an inspiring lifestyle, through versatile spaces and a large variety of activities that encourage interaction between its occupants and visitors.



The architecture, interior design and planning firm in charge of the project, ELE, took the FYI Center's planning concept as its starting point. Designed as a meeting place that stimulates creativity, its interior combines avant-garde design with modern facilities and flexible rooms that adapt to a wide variety of events and reinterpret the traditional conference centre.

The entrance door opens directly onto a space that brings together the reception and a small café. With them, two rooms allow multiple configurations, thanks to moveable partitions which makes it possible to change their distribution and size, depending on the needs of any given time. From separate rooms for meetings or private meetings with them closed, to a large multi-purpose space open to the hall, when they are opened.



On the other side of the floor, two other rooms offer more space for possible events. In all of them, and in order to respond to the flexibility that characterises the project, the architects have opted for Actiu, which, together with its partner in Thailand Wurkon, has participated with stackable products that are easy to transport and fold away, such as the Urban Block chairs or the Plek desks.

The versatile meeting chairs Urban Block allows multiple configurations. In its version with 4 cylindrical legs, in the Victor Club FYI Center it is used to meet many different needs that include, from accommodating an audience during a conference, to offering a seat to guests at a celebration. Stackable and lightweight, it also has a trolley with capacity for 20 chairs placed vertically, which makes them easy to store and transport.



Foldable and multipurpose, the  Plek desk is perfect for a constantly changing space, meeting, conference or training rooms. Light and stylish, its structure, in this case in white epoxy paint, guarantees high robustness and durability.

From the dimensions of the space, to the lighting, air conditioning and the layout of the projection screens, everything has been carefully thought out to meet the users' needs. Versatile and well-equipped, the spaces aim to provide quality of life to its occupants, promoting the efficient use of their time by reducing travel time to meetings, seminars and events.