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protection and light

Bandalux verandas provide optimal use of the natural lighting and sun in summer and winter.




These verandas equip large glass surfaces with total security. They make it possible to cover horizontal, vertical and slanted planes indoors and outdoors, while protecting courtyards, glass enclosures and porches from the heat.




When combined with blackout fabric, they can generate darkness; and with Polyscreen® fabrics, they filter the light and UV rays without reducing the visibility to the outside.


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Taken to another level. Bandalux creates pleated blind systems capable of adapting to any type of window, even the most irregular ones. This curtain, with a slender pleated design, has a minimum gathering size and can be configured with fabrics that offer total opacity and translucent fabrics that filter the light; You can even combine two fabrics to manage the passage of light to your liking with the Night and Day finish, which allows you to combine an opaque and a translucent fabric in a single curtain. Bandalux pleated blinds are available in the Cell fabric format, which has an inner cell, like a beehive, which ensures 100% opacity and great thermal insulation.