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Outdoor Venetian Blinds

professional protection

A highly resistant and effective blind made to block out sunlight and resist harsh weather.




A blind system made to fit anywhere and protect against sunlight through its adjustable slat system. Able to be fitted into any space.




We distribute licensed Bandalux® outdoor systems made to control your outdoor spaces more efficiently while also offering a more complete protection against heat.




The Bandalux® Venetian blind systems we distribute is made to last. It's high resilience makes it durable enough to be offered with an Texband® elevation band with a 20-year warranty.


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The Venetian blind is a practical and functional option that allows a high and precise control of the passage of light into the interior. This system combines the clarity of a total opening and the ability to achieve great opacity in its unfolded position thanks to its structure of adjustable slats with different anchors that perform a 180º movement on its horizontal axis. Available with stainless aluminum slats, which make it personalized in an ideal solution for humid and saline environments, or with wooden slats, for an exclusive finish that enhances the aesthetics of the environment and makes it more welcoming.

The multiple finishes offered by the Bandalux blind system allow you to choose between different components, colors and options so that the blind matches the style of your home.