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Fit & Fit-Pleat Shades

no perforations, no screws

The Fit (roller) and Fit-Pleat (pleated) systems adapt to any window, making them highly functional solutions for skylights or tilt and turn windows.




They are installed directly into the frames of glass doors and windows. There is no damage to the installation surface: thanks to the ultra resistant 3M adhesive tape, there is no need for perforations.




Depending on the use of each room, they can be combined with blackout or night & day fabrics, for optimal sunlight management in each particular case.


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Bandalux's answer for dormer windows, whatever the model and the degree of inclination. Attic systems will create an enveloping, intimate and welcoming environment. They are installed directly on the window frame, without the use of screws or the need to drill holes. There are multiple options, both in terms of fabrics allowing you to choose between rollable, pleated or opaque fabric and of activations -manual, cord or spring. The perfect finish to take advantage of the entrance of light and filter it as you please.