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Tabletop Screening

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A complete offer in screenings that are compatible with the distinct ACTIU desk programs, allowing it to expand the functionality of its existing products.



This piece is completely compatible with desks created by ACTIU, and can, therefore, be installed easily.



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Table partition program that, thanks to its great variety of available measures, to their different types of anchoring as well as its manufacture in different finishes, can be adapted to any table surface, providing the precise visual and functional benefits to separate and privatize different work areas. The Double tables with electrification have dividers of own desktop (Vital or Arkitek model- D50 Series).

  • D80 Series: Use on individual tables.
  • D20 Series: Use in double tables.
  • D70 Series: Use on tables progression.
  • D50 Series: Use in tables with central electrification.




  • Melamine board (16 mm).
  • Laminated Safety Glass (4 + 4mm) / Tempered (8mm).
  • Methacrylate (8 mm).
  • Extruded Aluminum (1.5mm).
  • 3rd level porches.
  • 3rd level monorail accessory bar, through click-on system. Made with extruded aluminum, which supports up to weight of a 17 '' monitor (4-5 Kg).

Porches for individual tables:


The Click-on anchoring system for gantries allows to place them on any type of table. He aluminum profile for 3rd level accessories allows its use on both sides.

Table frames with electrification:

The gantry anchoring system allows place them on any table with electrification ACTIU headquarters. Aluminum profile for accessories 3rd level allows its use on both sides.




  • 33 cm high dividers.
  • 28 cm high dividers.
  • 45 cm high dividers.
  • 30 cm high dividers.
  • 25 cm high dividers.
  • 50/40 cm high dividers.




  • Front porches
  • Table frames with central electrification




Has been designed to made from 54.03% recycled materials, limiting the use of dangerous substances (without chromium, mercury and cadmium). Aluminum, Steel and Wood 100% recyclable. Organic volatile components. Packaging made of recycled cardboard. Inks solvent-free water-based printing.




Optimization of energy use throughout the process productive. Manufacturing with energy consumption and minimal environmental impact. Production process of painted using state-of-the-art technological systems generation. Recovery of unused paint in the process, for reuse. Zero VOC emissions and other polluting gases. Metal cleaning through a closed water circuit. Recovery of heat. Automated manufacturing systems. Planning of the cutting process.




Detachable system packed by volumes that facilitate space optimization reducing energy expenditure for transportation.




Guarantees of use with a long service life. Possibility replacement and replacement of parts. Easy maintenance and cleaning of the product.




High degree of recyclability 98% DIVIDING DESKTOP allows quick and easy separation of components. Packaging reuse system supplier-manufacturer avoiding waste generation. The cardboard used for packaging is suitable for its recycling.




  • Coating by layer of electrostatic epoxy-polyester powder paint (2nd generation bonding, if metallized) polymerized at 200 ° C with degreasing treatments and the application of nanoceramics that improve the penetration of the coating, allowing maximum adherence of it and therefore greater resistance and useful life.
  • Thickness control accuracy. Normalized paint layer thickness of 90 microns. Maintenance guarantee superficial. (possibility of adaptability according to projects). Optional antibacterial surface finish.
  • Proceso de Pintado: Frente a los procesos tradicionales de pintado industrial que pueden ser muy contaminantes, la planta de Actiu tiene un impacto ambiental mínimo. El tratamiento se realiza con pintura en polvo adherida por polarización y compactada por temperatura. Se consigue una aplicación homogénea y regular, con una utilización del 98% de la pintura. EL 2% restante lo recogemos para la fabricación de otras pinturas. Se utilizan pinturas sin COVs (Compuestos Orgánicos Volátiles), peligrosos contaminantes del aire. Se reutiliza toda el agua utilizada en el proceso , consiguiendo el vertido cero de aguas residuales. El proceso está exento de metales pesados, fosfatos, componentes orgánicos y de DQO (Demanda Bioquímica de Oxigeno). El hidrógeno necesario para el corte del metal se genera en la planta de corte justo antes de su empleo: Importante ahorro energético.
  • Possibility of complementary accessories hanging from 3rd level bar, bucks, far, cabinets.
  • ACTIU has the PEFC and FSC certificates, certificates that certify that the wood used comes from farms sustainable products and the certificate of ECODESIGN ISO 14006.