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The PEANA table set brings a versatile solution to every space and installation.



Its aluminum structure grants stability and its unique design take it well beyond current trends to afford it a timeless aura.




Its wide functionality serves multiple types of spaces such as dining places, coffee shops, small reunion zones, lounging places and informal workstations.



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Column to surface connection plate: Board surface: Injection plate of aluminum, Glass surface: Steel Disc glued Ø 58 cm Aluminum injection base and 5 mm thick. Structure: Composed by Column central extruded aluminum 2 mm thickness with a round aluminum base injected with non-slip stops that allow in turn the regulation of the table in the event of uneven ground and that avoids board banging. With two heights of 73 or 43 cm high.


TABLE PEANA has been designed to be manufactured with 83.59% recycled materials, limiting the use of dangerous substances (without chromium, mercury and cadmium). 100% recyclable Aluminum, Steel and Wood. Painting powder without VOC emissions - Volatile components organic. Packaging made of recycled cardboard. Solvent-free water-based printing inks.


Optimization of energy use throughout the process productive. Manufacturing with energy and impact consumption minimal environmental. Production process of painting by state-of-the-art technological systems. Recovery of the paint not used in the process, for reuse. Zero VOC emissions - and other polluting gases. Metal cleaning by water circuit closed. Heat recovery. Manufacturing systems automated. Planning of the cutting process.


Detachable system packed by volumes that facilitate the optimization of the space reducing the cost of energy for transport.


Guarantees of use with a long service life. possibility of replacement and replacement of parts. Easy maintenance and product cleaning.


High degree of recyclability 97.83% TABLE BASE allows quick and easy separation of components. System of reuse of supplier-manufacturer packaging avoiding residuous generation. The cardboard used for the packaging is suitable for recycling.




TABLES DE PEANA responds effectively to the needs of all types of users, adapting to any need.





The incorporation of technological production systems allows to reduce to the maximum the energy resources used for the manufacture of each component. Furthermore, maximum use of materials has been achieved to eliminate waste and minimize waste generation.


ACTIU's environmental policy opts for the use of recycled materials in those components that do not condition operation and durability of our products. The materials used in the manufacture of the base tables such as Aluminum, Steel and Wood are totally recyclable.


ACTIU has the PEFC and FSC certificates, certificates that certify that the wood used comes from sustainable farms and the certificate of ECODESIGN ISO 14006.




  • Coating by 2nd generation epoxy bonding powder electrostatic paint layer polymerized at 200 ° C with treatments degreasing and application of nanoceramics that improve penetration, allowing maximum adherence of it and therefore greater resistance and service life.
  • Paint layer thickness of 90 microns. Con este recubrimiento se garantiza el acabado y mantenimiento superficial de las estructuras metálicas.
  • Painting Process: Compared to traditional industrial painting processes that can be highly polluting, the Actiu plant has a minimal environmental impact. The treatment is carried out with powder paint adhered by polarization and compacted by temperature. A homogeneous and regular application is achieved, with a use of 98% of the paint. The remaining 2% is collected for the manufacture of other paintings. Paints are used without VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), dangerous air pollutants. All the water used in the process is reused, achieving zero wastewater discharge. The process is free of heavy metals, phosphates, organic components and COD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand). The system allows accuracy in thickness control, offering normalized thicknesses of 90 microns onwards. Antibacterial surface finish.
  • ACTIU has the PEFC and FSC certificates, certificates that certify that the wood used comes from sustainable farms and that the ISO 14006 ECODESIGN certificate.