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workplace design

Office workplace layout constantly changes and evolves into solutions.




We have developed the ROUND collection drawing inspiration from the rounded design and aiming to provide a greater choice for our customers. It stands out from the NARBUTAS product portfolio which, until now, mostly featured rectangle-shaped desks and meeting tables. 




Create workplaces based on the number of employees and the nature of the tasks performed ranging from single desks to bench desks. The latter are very popular as they enable both small and large teams to create a workspace ideally suited for collaborative tasks.




The desk system includes screens with rounded shapes, which is the central axis of the ROUND design.  Desk screens are made from PET felt, a soft and light, yet strong and durable material. More than 50% of the PET felt is made from recycled plastic, and also it is suitable for recycling. 




The ROUND system combines the elements of office desks, cabinets, and screens so that you can create a variety of workplace layouts to meet your needs and to efficiently plan your workspace. Unlike a more conventional workplace layout, this type of system allows placing cabinets near an individual workplace.




Choose ROUND cabinets and shelves that work bests for your workplace from three height options: desk-height cabinets or shelf units available in two heights and designed to be placed on a cabinet.





The ROUND desk system allows for easy connection of several workplaces into a single electrical circuit. Cabinets serve an important function in power supply and data transmission as they come with a grommet for wire and cable management. 



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We are introducing our new desks system ROUND which promises a win-win situation in organising workplaces in large open-space offices. ROUND desk system allows you to effectively use the office space and to easily create comfortable workplaces that can be either open or which can offer greater privacy to fit your team’s needs. This system offers everything you need to create efficiently designed workplaces that boost employee productivity and help them succeed in pursuing their goals.

In order to create a perfect workplace environment, it is important to respond to the needs of each employee and to take into account the nature of the different tasks performed. An efficient office harmoniously combines individual and collaborative workplaces, open and private spaces, generous storage solutions, a cosy environment, rational utility management as well as a simple way of increasing the number of workplaces.

Experience the innovation of Narbutas ROUND desk system, a game-changer for modern office spaces! This modular desk system is not just visually appealing but also a catalyst for workplace efficiency and collaboration.

Advanced Modular Design: The ROUND system allows for unprecedented customization. Choose from a wide range of materials and color combinations to perfectly fit your office space and complement existing interior solutions.

Organic Shape and Aesthetics: ROUND desks feature subtly rounded edges that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also contribute to a softer, more welcoming work environment.

Seamless Workspace Continuity: Designed to create a fluid transition between private work areas and collaborative spaces, the ROUND system encourages a variety of work styles, from individual focus to team collaboration.

Functional Accessories: With options like modular storage cabinets in three different heights and acoustic desk screens, ROUND offers the ability to create “an office within an office,” providing privacy without sacrificing accessibility.

Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility: The felt PET acoustic screens exemplify Narbutas’ commitment to sustainability. Made with over 50% recycled content and fully recyclable, they demonstrate the brand’s dedication to a greener future.

Holistic Approach: Following a holistic approach, the ROUND system treats individual zones as a unified system, helping to create a work environment that unleashes people’s creative potential, allows them to grow professionally, and achieve outstanding business results.