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innovative style

A key principle of sustainable design is to minimise the environmental impact




Standard product range or in the range of custom-made furniture offered, but you have your own vision of what it should look like.





Real challenge to create desk that is simple and attractive as well as comfortable and ergonomic – distinctiveness and uniqueness in its simplicity seem to me to be a great achievement and value.





The design team and the whole product development team have the same approach to products, their aesthetics and functionality.





Simple yet distinctive, the desk   reflects the philosophy of NARBUTAS products. It is a product that blends easily into any environment  and at the same time shapes it.


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Technical specifications

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PLANA, the line of executive furniture and conference tables from Narbutas, is not just a set of furnishings, it’s a statement of purpose. It represents the perfect fusion between functionality and design, offering a work environment that inspires creativity and decisiveness.

Each element of the PLANA collection has been meticulously designed to maximize comfort and efficiency, without sacrificing aesthetics. The PLANA conference tables, with their spacious surfaces and impeccable finishes, are the ideal stage for exchanging ideas and strategic decision-making. The quality of the selected materials ensures durability that accompanies businesses in their growth and evolution.

Looking for a significant change in your workspace? PLANA is the answer. With its minimalist and contemporary design, these tables not only adapt to any office style but also raise the level of any meeting. The PLANA collection is a testament to innovation and leadership, designed for those who seek to make a difference.

Transform your office into a reflection of your ambitions. PLANA invites you to experience the power of a design that speaks for itself, communicating confidence and a vision for the future. It’s time to take the step and choose the exceptional. With PLANA, every meeting is an opportunity to impress and advance towards success.

Innovate and lead with PLANA. Don’t settle for less. Invest in an environment that inspires greatness. PLANA is not just a table, it’s a companion on the journey to the top. Discover PLANA’s potential and allow your workspace to be an emblem of excellence and sophistication.

With PLANA, your business vision comes to life. It’s more than furniture; it’s an investment in the future of your company. Act now and ensure that every detail of your office communicates success and determination.