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touch of nature

NOVA Wood Multiporpose adds a delicate sense of luxury to your office




Both our high and lower multipurpose tables will serve as a cosy and stylish, yet practical office island for open meeting spaces.




With the help of accessories, you can create a functional and uniquely styled space. You can easily attach a display screen or a writing board to the table legs. 




Being aware of the fact that mobility and flexibility are a necessity in today’s offices, we have combined the durable structure of our multipurpose table with the option that will allow you to move the table easily from one place to another using the castors.




Serve as a great conversation starter. This will promote efficient cooperation and generation of ideas as well as help you foster your corporate culture.


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Picture a workspace where creativity flows effortlessly and ideas are shared with zeal. The NOVA WOOD MULTIPURPOSE table by Narbutas stands at the heart of this space. With its sleek design and sturdy construction, this table is not just a piece of furniture, but a hub for collaboration.

Key Features:

Durability: Crafted from solid ash wood, it promises to stand by your side for years to come.

Flexibility: It adapts to you with its varying heights, perfect for any occasion.

Ease of Use: Its intuitive assembly allows you to set it up and take it down without any hassle.

Customization: Outfitted with accessories that meet your needs, from power sockets to whiteboards.

Mobility: Optional wheels give you the freedom to reshape your environment as you wish.

The NOVA WOOD MULTIPURPOSE table is more than an object; it’s an invitation to interact, to share a coffee, or to brainstorm the next big idea. It’s where teamwork naturally becomes productive and engaging.

If you’re looking to elevate your office to a new level of functionality and style, the NOVA WOOD MULTIPURPOSE table is the smart choice. It will not only enhance the aesthetics of your space but will also inspire collaboration and efficiency. Make every day in the office count with a setting that fosters the best version of your team. Discover what the NOVA WOOD MULTIPURPOSE can do for you!.