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nova wood family

Collaborative work, meetings and leisure activities




The design of the height adjustable NOVA WOOD MEETING meeting table is unique in that the base of the table is made of concrete. Tables with legs positioned centrally rather than on the sides create a welcoming space.





This type of table from the NOVA WOOD MEETING line is ideal for short meetings, quick brainstorming sessions or simply enjoyable coffee breaks. 





Height adjustable design of the table provides the user with even greater possibilities and facilitates different meeting scenarios.


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The NOVA WOOD MEETING table is a piece of furniture that encapsulates elegance and functionality, designed by Narbutas, a brand renowned for its quality and innovative design. This table is not just a place to gather; it’s a symbol of how modern design can foster collaboration and effective communication in any work setting.

Crafted with solid ash wood, the NOVA WOOD MEETING table adds a touch of delicate luxury to the office, bringing you closer to the warm and welcoming atmosphere of home. Its robust and natural design is not only visually appealing but also promotes a sense of well-being and connection with nature.

The table is available in various configurations and finishes, allowing for complete customization to match the aesthetics of your workspace. Moreover, the NOVA WOOD MEETING table is designed with multifunctionality in mind, offering options like power outlets and accessories for display screens, whiteboards, shelves, hooks, and plant pots.

This piece of furniture acts as a “self-sufficient meeting island,” promoting spontaneous and casual interactions in the workplace. The NOVA WOOD MEETING table is perfect for informal meetings over a cup of coffee or creative gatherings to discuss diverse projects.

Are you looking to transform your workspace into an area that inspires creativity and fosters collaboration? The NOVA WOOD MEETING table by Narbutas is the ideal choice. With its inviting design and focus on comfort, this table will change the way your team meets and shares ideas. Invest in a NOVA WOOD MEETING table and elevate your meetings to a new level of style and functionality. Discover more and place your order now!.