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NOVA Wood desking system is ideal for open plan offices where you can arrange different areas for individual or collaborative work, meetings and leisure activities.





Special functional furniture accessories allow every employee to customise their workspace creatively. The structure of ash legs makes it easy to hang a display monitor or writing board, while the shelving units can hold water bottles, small office supplies or headphones. 




NOVA Wood Desk is part of NOVA Wood, one of the most successful office desk series from NARBUTAS. The distinguishing design feature of this series are the elegant, rounded legs.





The mobile, multifunctional NOVA Wood Desk furniture system consists of three table models of different heights and lengths with distinctive frames and special accessories. These desks can be used on their own or be combined to create ‘islands’ for work, meetings and relaxation.


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The Nova Wood Desk is a desk that redefines the work experience with its exceptional design and commitment to quality. This desk is not just a piece of furniture, but a centerpiece that transforms any office into an inspiring and welcoming workspace.

With solid ash wood legs, the Nova Wood Desk is a tribute to natural beauty and sustainability. Ash wood, known for its strength and durability, is treated with a protective varnish that not only enhances its natural grain but also ensures a long lifespan. The wooden structure is reinforced with metal inserts for easy and secure assembly, and it features hidden levelers for perfect stability.

The desk surface is designed to withstand intensive daily use. Available in high-pressure laminate (HPL) or melamine (MFC), it offers superior resistance to wear, scratches, and stains. The painted inclined edges and rounded corners are not just aesthetic details; they also contribute to safety and comfort during work.

The Nova Wood Desk comes in a range of sizes and configurations, allowing customization of the workspace according to individual needs. From single desks to group workbenches, there’s a Nova Wood solution for every office.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, the Nova Wood Desk is designed with functionality in mind. Cable management options and compatible accessories, such as partition screens and cable trays, ensure an organized and efficient workspace.

Looking for a change in your workspace? The Nova Wood Desk is more than just a desk; it’s an investment in your work environment. With its timeless design and robust construction, this desk is a promise of years of service and style. Don’t miss the opportunity to enhance your productivity and well-being with the Nova Wood Desk. Make your office a place where nature, comfort, and efficiency meet!.