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architectural elegance

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When elegance and vanguard technology are combined with subtlety.


Uniqueness and quality

Arkitek is a desk program that responds to an architectural vision in office equipment. It was made to reinforce the goal of bringing operational solutions with a singular design and the highest-grade materials.



Spaces for every occasion

The use of organic forms results in a fresh and contemporary personality. The Arkitek office desk allows for the creation of workspaces with true character.




Arkitek desks supported by filing systems like our block models make it both a practical and sober combination, bringing maximum functionality and a greater organizational capacity for office spaces.



 With flexibility

Arkitek desks are offered in different finishes for its structure: aluminum, black/white, polished, and chromed. Made mainly of aluminum, it's the result of a thorough engineering and developing phase that resulted in a very flexible furniture set.



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Technical specifications

Technical specifications

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The importance of caring for forms

New spaces for new leaders

Cutting-edge and versatility on display


“Architecture means building, order, it is the wonderful play of volumes under light, foundations to which we have gone back to as a starting point to conceive Arkitek”.

Our Arkitek range shares a technical and artistic concept with architecture. The organic shapes of its sturdy structure, made entirely of aluminium, give the range its unique avant-garde and contemporary feel.

Arkitek comes in numerous structure finishes: aluminium, white, black, polished and chrome.




The new generation of CEOs require modern offices adapted to current times. Arkitek is the furniture solution capable of providing an avant-garde and customised touch, through design, to the workspaces run by modern leaders.

Arkitek shows off its most exclusive side in employee and executive offices. The use of organic shapes gives it a contemporary and elegant personality that goes perfectly with the Noom armchairs.

Young entrepreneurs or founders of technology companies represent the generational change that is defining new leadership models. Head offices are evolving to accommodate new business values, such as innovation or dynamism, which seek to come across in modern spaces that reflect a clear commitment to design.

Private spaces for setting up meetings, holding telephone calls or videoconferences, or internal team meetings are still required by modern managers. With Arkitek’s accessories, the space optimises all its possibilities, leading to greater productivity.




The layouts offered by the Arkitek range are aimed at office environments, such as executive desks, meeting tables or desks.

Total solution. The meeting and auxiliary tables that are part of the range allow for the creation of personal meeting areas that are close to the workstation. Block offers high-quality filing solutions and a design that complements the

Arkitek range. It has different sizes of cabinets, auxiliary modules adjacent to the table, as well as fixed and wheeled bucks. Arkitek with support over filing or Block converts itself into an elegant and practical combination, providing total functionality and greater organisation to workspaces.

Arkitek enables the incorporation of shared and independent wings for progressive working positions, as well as glass, phenolic and aluminium modesty panels; functional elements for positions with representative functions and customer-facing roles.

Arkitek enables creating operative working layouts with shared structures for two and four-seater tables. These structures integrate a full electrification system that facilitates installing and channelling the cabling.

Good interior designers They don’t just scratch the surface: they go deeper.




Moulded aluminium legs and extruded aluminium beams

The structure, made entirely of aluminum, is the result of extensive engineering development that gives the program great flexibility to configure individual, double and progressive desks.

  • Flip up cable access 
  • Cable trays
  • Upholstered and accoustic desktop screens
  • including rubber pads to hold the worktops 
  • Aluminium levellers with anti-skid pad