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visual lightness

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A vanguard design combined with subtlety to create a library that is both functional and practical.



Based on a structural system charged with visual smoothness, yet built with a steel profile frame with linked shelves that allow for a modular shelving progression.



Of elements

The Level program introduces a wide variety of unique items that serve the demands of libraries and media centers. Sorting of spaces through this system is thus made comfortable and aesthetically pleasing to its users.




Their paint finishes are made to resist wear from the constant placement and sorting of items during its use.




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Technical specifications

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Library Autocad

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Library is the new shelving system for equipment of libraries and spaces dedicated to the exhibition and archive of all kinds of information, developed by Alegre IndustrialTM in collaboration with the dept. R&D of Actiu.

Library meets all the criteria for sustainable production, resulting in a robust and stable product, respectful with the environment, a competitive solution for projects where the quality, responsibility and cost are key factors.

  • Structural system, built by a steel profile frame.
  • Shelving system with sides from steel sheets with double panel.
  • A natural finishes solution that brings warmth.
  • Equipment solutions for private and public spaces.

Basic idea. LEVEL model It is based on a structural system of great visual lightness, built by a steel profile frame linked by shelves which determine the different levels of progression. By sharing the middle profile you can adapt to any project layout customising the product to the client needs.

LEVEL includes optional acrylic side dividers providing a dynamic and new solutiont o different spaces. The offer has 2 models in 4 heights, one individual with a 38cm depth with access to one side; or double, with a depth of 69cm.

The program Level has a variety of unique items to meet the demands of libraries and media centres. The distribution of space is done in an ergonomic and aesthetic way in order that access to them is comfortable and effective.

Program designed for the equipment of libraries, which can cover a wide range of needs, from a small office library to big public library facilities. The use of frosted polystyrene or methacrylate gives a personal touch in the installations.

The paint finishes promote the resistance of the shelves against wear from the placement and extraction of books and digital documents. The adaptability of the end panels provides freshness to the shelving obtaining layouts with their own personality.

The same end panels style can be used for single and double confi gurations. It has a decorative divider for one and two faced confi gurations, with fi ttings at the same level.


Library CLASS 10

Library CLASS A distinguished, technical and rational design, capable of providing full satisfaction, CLASS has been designed from the more technical rigor, developing solutions that facilitate assembly, providing maximum flexibility for expansion and continuity of each project.

CLASS is made with sides from steel sheets with double panel thickness 0.8 mm, complete with melamine chipboard 10mm thickness as standard but it can be easil y customised.

The system has 2 models in 4 heights, one individual with a 35 cm depth with access to one side; or double, with a depth of 67 cm; with steel studs and metal shelves; and rear steel panel, MFC or steel frame without rear open space set visibility.


Library CLASS 20


The natural finish, modularity and warmth, form a product made with natural wood or melamine chipboard in a standardized manner.

Optional metal base with levelers for better cleaning.(available in Class 10 and 20). The possibility of incorporating top covers allows one to personalise the configurations while facilitating the operation of the modules with lower height.

  • Steel frame stabilizer.
  • Optional melamine chipboard backs.
  • The possibility of incorporating top covers allows one to personalise the configurations while facilitating the operation of the modules with lower height.

CLASS system accessories - shelves, multimedia stands, magazine brackets, display storage are made of a steel sheet 0.8 mm thick. the the closet doors are made of anodized aluminum with clear tempered glass and have a padlock.


Library LEVEL


Structural system of great visual lightness, built by a steel profile frame linked by shelves which determine the different levels of progression.


Library CLASS


Class bookcases are  progressive, both in 1 access modules and  in the double face  modules. To be able to  get a progression, it is  necessary to order the starter modules plus  as many progressive  modules as the client needs. Side panels  shared in the modules  can be made of metal,  MFC or plywood for specifi c projects.

Equipment solutions for private and public spaces. Potential uses: Information display systems in travel agencies; centres and tourism delegations; architectural studies; public or private libraries; as well as the equipping of open spaces for traditional filing needs.




Following with the architectural, aesthetic and energetic requirements, Actiu products allows a wide coverage of the surrounding space, bringing people over symbolically with their environment. Efficiency, sobriety, seduction and functionality, emotions of a programs capable of occupying a space without invading it, where every composition transmits a different concept of the environment.

VITAL: Simple layouts with rectangular lines, easy assembly and an elegant design which define the Vital system. A collection capable to provide multiple furnishing solutions adaptable to all the different needs of the workplace and architectural environment.

VITAL PLUS: Vital plus evolves with new finishes and new more accessible electrical systems, Vital Plus enables the movement towards the user of tabletops of double and individual tables and leg structures or closed frame structures, the allow the setting of independent matching furniture.

COOL E-100: One solution with steel frame for collective spaces that request strength and aesthetics. A system of rectangular lines. An actual proposal adaptable to any workplace environment.

TRAMA: TRAMA can adapt to any working environment. Exclusive style based in simplicity and wide range of frame styles and finishes too. 




There are several series of the Luminaria lighting system which have been designed to optimized the space andto guarantee the best lighting conditions in the workplace.


Education Desks




MIT: Slender and simple lines characterizes to a program made in one single piece where the framework, made entirely with flexible foam, reaches performance and is comfortable to all users.

SPACIO: SPACIO combines simplicity and solid frame with functionality. A versatile solution for public and private environments, training rooms and waiting areas.

UKA: A avant-guarde monobloc seating programme offering a versatile use in private or public environments. A fresh and original design.

URBAN: URBAN, a nomad, sensual and polyvalent collection of chairs. A dynamic and practical solution ideal for contract, healthcare and educational environments.




A reception counter system that enables communication in attending areas. A modular system which create’s casual, elegant and plain proposals.




A program characterised by its flexibility. Products made of steel, strong and tough, durable products. Furniture capable of resolving current needs by helping to shape the spaces that companies require. Furniture capable of prediction and serving the needs we will face tomorrow.




Storage systems where the industrial production of special designs and adaptations is possible.