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elegant lighting

Multi-functional and simple pieces that define a creative style designed to cover the needs of any modern workplace.


Standing lamp

With a dual-light switch that activates two to four lamps in different intensities and an eight-millimeter-thick steel base.




With similar functions, adding an aluminum anchor for individual and double tables of the ACTIU variety.




With compact lamps, base, and masts designed for individual desks and smaller spaces.



Task light

Intuitive and flexible, the Element 790 combines high-performance ergonomic design with 360 degrees of adjustability and unprecedented functionality in LED task lamps.



This task light offers a generous foot-print of glare-free illumination in a single light source - not commonly found in LED computer lamps. It also provides effortless functionality, moving fluidly without the need for knobs, switches or springs.


Advanced tech

Using Thin Film LED Technology, Element Disc offers seven levels of brightness with just an effortless pinch of the light head. It also features a PIR occupancy sensor that turns the unit on or off when the user enters or leaves the area.


Beauty and quality

A LED light source that refracts light downward through a finely tuned, solid body as though it is emanating from an unseen origin. This effect, called total internal reflection, provides balanced, high-performance surface illumination.


Additional Information





The Element 790 task light is Humanscale’s response to the need for intelligent workspace lighting. Intuitive and flexible, the Element 790 combines high performance ergonomic design with 360 degrees of adjustability and unprecedented functionality in LED task lamps. A revolutionary task light, the Element 790 delivers the equivalent of light from a 90W incandescent using less than 7W of power. 

Featuring advanced MCX LED Technology, the Element 790 light provides exceptional performance in a classic, award winning design. The Element 790's innovative ergonomic design and high-performance illumination with a seven-level dimmer for enhanced user control and energy savings. 




Focused Illumination


Providing high performance in an adjustable LED task light, the Element 790 uses a single light source that casts just one shadow. Through the use of MCX LED Technology, the the light produces a large footprint of neutral light (3500K) and superb color quality (CRI 85).


Innovative Efficiency


Element 790 feature a unique, heat sink design to maximize light output and increase the light’s usable life. An internal counterbalance provides effortless, one-touch positioning for comfort and complete ease of use.


Endless Adjustability


Element 790 comes in a variety of finishes, with 20 mounting options available to tailor it to any work environment. Element 790 is also dimmable to allow for optimal light settings. A universal power supply and interchangeable plug options accommodate global power outlets.


Element 790.


Featuring advanced MCX LED Technology for exceptional performance, Element 790 combines innovative design and high-performance illumination into the ultimate LED task light and adds a seven-level dimmer to Element Classic’s groundbreaking design.




  • Single light source casts just one shadow.
  • Produces a large footprint of 3500K (neutral white) light.
  • Excellent color quality - CRI 85.
  • Unique, heat-shedding design maximizes light output and increases the light’s usable life.
  • Intuitive dimmer switch controls 7 levels of adjustable illumination for extra energy savings and control.
  • 20 mounting options suit virtually any work environment.
  • Universal power supply and interchangeable plug options accommodate global power outlets.
  • Perfect internal counterbalance provides effortless, one-touch positioning.




  • Power consumption: 5 watts, utilizes only 0.5 watts in lowest setting.
  • Color Temperature: 3500K.
  • Life: 50,000 hours (L70).
  • ETL, CB Certified.
  • RoHS/WEEE compliant.
  • Maximum reach: 28”.
  • Working height: 18”.
  • 360° swivel from base.
  • 135° front-to-back head tilt.
  • 90° side-to-side head rotation.
  • Finish options: Silver, White with Silver accents, Black
  • May contribute to valuable LEED credits.
  • 10-year, 24/7 warranty