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Working together with the family, mission impossible?

The facilities comfort

Among all the challenges that have had to be assumed throughout these months where the daily routine has been subjected to a radical change, one of the greatest that some have to put through is working from home with all the family (in case of living with them) gathered in the same place.



Certainly, for a good number of people, it has been a nightmare, or even an impossible mission, since there are those who found their escape from home in the office, or who simply had better concentration, easier access to the Internet or enjoyed the facilities comfort. Employees with more than one child (still minors) or who live in small residences have had to adapt to a most uncomfortable situation and certainly not recommended for special work activities, such as writing reports or analyzes that require high concentration.



There are other parents who are fortunate to have babysitters and work-at-home studies that make their working lives much less stressful, even less than before, but in the opposite case, surely more than one has felt the urge to give up.

The effort that some employees are making to continue their jobs is something that should be taken into account, even many bosses do not care about all this and require their employees to continue with daily task deadlines without considering that there are those who are complying with the role of father and worker at the same time, making productivity drop considerably without being the fault of the person in question.