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Working from home: the 2020 revolution

Working from home brings circumstances from which both the experienced and unexperienced can obtain excellent results.

Even though it was only used to be considered as a job option for the latest generations, the truth is that we are living through times of radical change and it's time to try new options to put food on the table.


It might be a bit confusing for some at first. The act of getting up, showering, changing clothes to then go to your home's living room and carry out the tasks that you previously did in a place you actually had to relocate to can be a bit weird. However, once consider the pros of this it really helps a lot to start feeling more comfortable in this new situation.




As we have mentioned before, there is a modern trend currently making offices seem more like a home, while at the same time flourishing the idea of transforming one’s home into an exclusive space for work.


The Internet has opened more doors than we could imagine would exist, and it has transformed work as we know it. Being able to make money from home is now a simple matter of having a good Wi-Fi connection and some organization of one’s lifestyle to prevent everyday routine from turning us into workaholics that only exist for their work.




In the following weeks, we'll be talking about the great benefits of working from home and why it's the best thing you can do right now. If you are tired of attending interviews that don't go beyond the frustrating phrase: “I'll send you an email', then let's start a new decade with the right foot!