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What leaders should learn about the Home Office

The fine line between work and home

Employees working from home are living a difficult moment adapting to the new working normality, but they are not the only ones having trouble adapting, employers are having difficulties too. Heads and team leaders are trying to get used to a radical change to their methodologies and strategies, they have also learned that flexibility and patience are two necessary elements to survive in times of change and evolution.


If you are a responsible team leader and you are having communication and productivity difficulties, these tips could help you clarify the differences between work and personal life among your co-workers:




Advice doing a ‘commute’ routine. As if nothing were wrong, invite them to set an alarm in the morning, take a shower, change clothes, have breakfast, and go for a walk on the same street (if possible). This will help the brain to wake up and get into 'working mode' faster.


Skipping lunch is a no-go. Even, if possible, prepare a ‘group lunch via videoconference’, and have everyone eat lunch together at the same time on the same day (or more than one day). Also, advise that for lunch they leave the work desk and, when finished, they take some fresh air.




Although it can be hard to get used to this at first, you must tell your team that once ‘time is over’ mark the clock, everyone must close their working sessions, and even encourage that they turn off their computers, and all other work-related equipment too. This way everyone’s brains will be able to disconnect completely from work time and feel more comfortable with their time at home.