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What is ergonomics and why do you need it?

Working remotely does not mean neglecting your health.

A lot has been said about how necessary it is to have ergonomic furniture for the benefit of productivity and health, there are many recommendations and many options, but it’s about time to clear up what many will be wondering when they hear this word: ergonomics, what is it?


In technical words, ergonomics is a science that studies the capacity and psychology of man and his with machines or equipment with which he operates, its main objective is to find the best conditions that may exist and its relation. So in simple words: ergonomics seeks that man and machines relate to each other in harmony, always seeking the greatest benefit and comfort for human beings.




Since the home office means spending the same hours working as those used in the office (or even more), the workspace at home should be as close as possible to the workspace in the office, after all, the main thing is to feel in a professional environment thanks to furniture designed specifically for this.


The persistence is perfectly well-founded, now that the work has moved to an environment where there are possibly more distractions and one that is not usual for office activities, well-being is key, and quality furniture will guarantee the necessary comfort.