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Videoconferencing: the # 1 business’s ally

It started as an emergency tool and now it's key

If someone was not a fan of videoconferencing before, it is time to start giving it a chance. In this era where health measures have increased and being around others has been prohibited, one of the biggest concerns of employers, owners, and employees was: how are we going to maintain communication for work to keep going?




This could have been a bigger headache about 20 years ago, but now that we live in an age dominated by the Internet and audiovisual applications, the solution to communication’s disadvantages are the order of the day.

Almost all chat applications, since Messenger times, currently have the option of video calls, as well as there are exclusive applications for this, such as the pioneer Skype, or the currently most popular, Zoom. Through these applications, today more than 10 people can participate in the same videoconference, of course, trying to invite your 100 employees can be excessive (and it is impossible, as well as not recommended), therefore, the times when it was impossible conducting meetings without being directly in a company room between bosses and subordinates went down in history.




For the most part, bosses or employees over 50 tend to be the only ones with certain drawbacks when it comes to adapting to or participating in video conferences (and with good reason), but today's technologies are more than friendly and they adapt to all ages, making life easier for everyone in the company.