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Two colors joined for 2021

Pantone announces the colors representing 2021

For the second time in the history of Pantone (the first being the past decade), two colors were selected to represent a new year, this time the chance was for two opposite colors that want to give the world a special message.

On one hand, Yellow Illuminating (PANTONE 13-0647) resembles the warm ray of the sun, reminding us of the somewhat electric flavor of lemon pie, it also has a cheerful and vibrant spirit. On the other hand, Gray Ultimate (PANTONE 17-5104) which is like a soothing shade that brings tranquility to the mind and reminds of the stones of a calm beach.


At first these two colors may seem too opposite to convey a message of unity, but is the contrary. Just as the 2020’s color was more accurate than anyone could predict (Blue Naval sought to offer tranquility to the anxiety of a new decade and came in handy with the pandemic situation experienced) there is an expectation for these colors for them to help us assume adapting to a world that has just experienced a pandemic, a world that assumes a new normality, receives a new vaccine and is expectant to open its borders again.

The message that these colors seek to convey is to keep us strong and hopeful, that resilience remains in us and we continue to grow and evolve with the world.


Thus we welcome a new year, with confidence and strength, ready to, at the same time, say goodbye and take all the new opportunities of the new year.