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Tired of talking through a screen? We are too

Feeling tired of not socializing is more normal than you think.

When we once thought that the expression ‘employees need to go to the office’ was something that we would easily see as an obligation, it is now a reality that many yearn to give themselves some mental and physical stability in their lives.

While the home office has been an excellent solution to continue work during these times of pandemic, the truth is that it was not something that we could see as a reality in our daily routine. More than one is looking forward to going back to those days in February of this year where we believed that our greatest dream was to live working from home quietly and alone... we have discovered that human beings definitely need a balance for every aspect of our lives. Even with what we thought we would never miss.




The human being is undoubtedly a social being. We need to exchange greetings, ideas, thoughts and opinions with others. Being socially active awakens our senses and generates a sense of belonging that is a fundamental part of the stimulus and creativity we need to feel the progress in our life.

As much as current technology facilitates virtual meetings, being able to exchange words through a screen does not replace a physical meeting where we can really feel the human warmth, the feeling of being part of something, this cannot be changed at all by an interaction to distance on a Zoom call.




Companies undoubtedly need to start rethinking the formula of holding meetings, those that are only informative can easily be done remotely, but workshops and brainstorming are better done face to face, because this way is much more effective, always about the distancing requirements and hygiene standards imposed by the new normal.