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The World's Most Creative Offices 1/2 (2020 edition)

Actiu News

The well-being of employees is of utmost importance to any company, which is why it's important that their spaces encourage creativity and talent so that each member of the company can work comfortably and efficiently. Actiu, together with its partners, has been designing and furnishing workspaces for years, with the main goal of providing functionality, generating well-being and fostering the talent of the people who work in them.

Jaylo, design in transport

Jaylo is a land, sea and air transport company located in Tudela (Navarre, Spain), which has undergone significant growth in recent years. Ever since they got the ball rolling on the design of their new offices, they've had a clear objective in mind: to create a sustainable working environment that would motivate employees and be committed to their well-being.

Working together with Actiu and its partner in the region, Equipa2, they created a work space that promotes the well-being of workers, a sustainable environment where they can be more creative and productive, in addition to attracting and retaining talent.


the-well-being-of-employees.jpgSergey Melnikoff | © Sberbank


Sberbank HQ, versatile and agile offices

An agile working model that moves away from the serious and strict nature traditionally associated with the banking industry, in favour of an open, friendlier and more attractive model. That's what Sberbank HQ was after when it came to the design of its new headquarters.


versatile-and-agile-offices.jpgSergey Melnikoff | © Sberbank


Actiu teamed up once again with its partner, Statio Project, on a new project for Sberbank. Just like they did in its offices in Moscow, winner of the Grand Prix Award and Best Office Awards in 2018, Russia's biggest bank once again opted for an agile working model. The Swiss architecture studio Evolution Design and the Russians T+T Architects, were entrusted with the interior design of this new and surprising versatile space where agile workplaces, conference rooms and meeting rooms coexist with coworking areas and a restaurant.


new-and-surprising-versatile-space.jpgSergey Melnikoff | © Sberbank


Orbea, Cool Working philosophy

Actiu contributed its experience in furniture and the design of workspaces, as set out in its Cool Working philosophy. An ongoing collaboration process with the well-known bicycle brand and the architect in charge of the renovation project, allowing the needs of Orbea's employees to be identified and comprehensively met in their renovated offices in the town of Mallavia, in the Biscay province in the Basque Country.

At a co-creation workshop, with workers from different company departments, Actiu was able to learn about the team's real needs. Privacy, collaboration and connection were the most sought-after aspects of a workshop that put forward the different needs of each department and where they would be located in the new layout.

Bearing these three factors in mind, a space was designed that was built around the furniture, which facilitates work and communication within and among the different departments.



Mattel, imagination and flexibility for open-concept offices

Mattel, the multinational company, knows a lot about creativity and imagination. This is why their new offices are a flexible and smart workspace, where communication and teamwork are at the top of their priorities. Open, bright offices where the colour red plays an important role.




This project involved rehabilitating the AreaZero2.0 interior design studio in Barcelona, furnished with Actiu's furniture. Mattel's new offices have comfortable, casual meeting rooms and areas, as well as themed booths where private phone calls can be made. Furthermore, each team member chooses where they want to work at all times and has an individual locker for personal belongings.


“Authorship News Credits by ACTIU”.