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The new office concept in 2021

Does the definition of office never change?

Undoubtedly, the office, at the level of technicalities, in the dictionary continues to have the same definition, a space or physical place dedicated to work. But, what do we think of when we think of an office? An immediate image is a different place from the house, with furniture, desks, computers and telephones, and of course, a coffee machine. If today we had to take a mental picture of what an office is, more than one would project their new home office space at home, ready for work in times of a global pandemic.


For a long time, perhaps forever, the definition of an office has not changed, but its concept has. The concept of the office as a drab and gray place, where you spend 6 or 8 hours looking at the clock and drinking coffee, 5 or even 6 days a week, is an almost obsolete vision of the workplace.




Starting with the elimination of the possibility of smoking within the work area, the changes in quality of life that have been seen in the offices in the last 30 years are many and give to write a complete series. Among the most outstanding, apart from the very beneficial ban on cigarettes, we can count the lighting of the spaces, both with adequate artificial light and with natural light; the implementation of plants, going through the plastic ones to the real ones of today; the creation of rest areas, cafeterias and recreation areas… all this has been part of constant evolution of the human being to take care of their well-being, both physical, mental and spiritual, as well as thinking about the preservation of the environment.


We come to 2021 experiencing an even more drastic evolution, but not far from the reality of a large number of people who were already doing business from home thanks to the existence of the Internet connection, the office has moved home and, although not very flexible for many, it has undoubtedly saved thousands (if not millions) of businesses in the world. Because that's what it is about, the office can have a fixed definition, but it is a constantly changing concept, adapting to the needs of human beings who are the ones that transform it into a true living entity.