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The Most Creative Ideas for Offices

Although some prefer to always keep the same style, others choose to take risks and give innovation a chance

As we know, the design of an office is essential for the health, happiness, and productivity of employees. If you still do not take full advantage of your space, you're probably losing a lot more than you think. Even though you surely think that you're saving a significant amount of money, the truth is that by withholding this investment you could be missing out on opportunities to increase productivity and sales in your office.



An office with a creative environment can bring an increase in your work efficiency by making employees feel inspired, energized, and focused. It's well known that sedentary lifestyles are a big issue for current generations, and there's nothing more sedentary than spending hours sitting in front of a computer every day.

Therefore, one of the main elements to change in your office environment is to allow mobility inside it.

If you consider that there's not much space for improvement in your office, that's okay. This is more about strategy than anything else. A good idea is to place desks with wheels to make them easier to move, making it easy to free up some areas. You can also take into account areas that are not used too much such as the lobby, in case you don't receive many visits. Placing a sofa with a charging station in such places is a very economical and simple idea.




An example of an office that goes beyond limits of imagination and movement is that of LEGO in Denmark, where a silver slide crosses the open space, transforming the idea of what could have just been a simple staircase.