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The irreplaceable reality of the office

Working from home is not the ideal job option.

The home office at a glance is comfortable and efficient, the flexibility of being able to work wherever and whenever, in the way that we see fit, is truly revolutionary, organizing our work and personal life at our own pace is definitely an achievement that not everyone had imagined living.

But, because everything has an exception, controlling this lifestyle is not the easiest thing we can do, mixing work and the daily routine can be the biggest challenge for some people. Coming to miss life in the office is, in many cases, inevitable.




The irrefutable truth is that office work is irreplaceable, making changes within the infrastructure and furniture of the workspaces will be the best solution to guarantee workers true well-being, they will undoubtedly need to feel safe to return to their work routines and perform a lot better in productivity.

Contrary to what is feared, with the current distancing measures, experts say that the office will become a much more social “platform”. Meeting and sharing spaces will change as there will be less dependence on cubicles and traditional workstations in companies.