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The hotel’s make over into the new normality

Places with a large inflow of people must embrace the change.

As you might imagine, if offices, restaurants, cafes, and other places for social gathering and large crowds of people, have had to adapt to health and safety measures to maintain a healthy coexistence that promotes well-being, hotels couldn't help joining the change.

As in the case of schools, hotels must undertake a profound restructuring of their spaces, in addition to carefully observing the ability to offer the highest guarantees of hygiene and safety in rooms and common areas, in view of the great diversity of people who are used to visiting these places of rest and relaxation.




Some of the measures that are recommended to be established are: indicate circulations to avoid the crossing of people, reduce the decoration to the maximum, use antibacterial materials and easy cleaning, have versatile furniture that allows you to easily vary the configuration of the space, or guarantee an adequate ventilation and air circulation, these aspects are a priority when creating safe areas.

Although it may seem like a complicated situation, the most positive thing in this situation is that the hotels will not have to be subjected to a closure of activities due to the current circumstances, but, assuming the security measures, they will not have to give up their original function thanks to the structural and furniture changes that they can make, allowing them to serve their customers and visitors safely, with the same warmth and dedication as always.