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Setting the rest and relaxation area at home

A break space is as important as the work space.

As essential as creating your ideal home office is creating your rest area. This is not the same as the living room or bedroom, as we have already insisted on different occasions when creating the home office the most important thing is to know how to separate what is the ‘home’ space from that of work, therefore, designing these areas independently will be the key for you to achieve the right balance and feel true harmony when establishing the routine at home.


What should you keep in mind? Keep reading to find some tips that will help you realize how simple can be to adapt to each area.




First of all, color is essential. The tones to choose must incorporate healthy properties so that they can also add comfort to the space. Tones like green, blue and yellow promote well-being and creativity.


Softseating, indispensable for work, indispensable for the break moment. Being comfortable and keeping the spine and the rest of the body in good position is an excellent way to generate well-being and productivity. A good quality chair or sofa will add a special touch to your rest area, the main thing is that it helps you change your mental state from ‘working mode’ to ‘break time’.




These are the priority elements in your rest area because what will complete this space will be the entertainment of your choice. Be it a book, a magazine, or your phone, although the best would be that you disconnect from the Internet World, but if your way of resting is by checking the social media, it is your decision, the important thing is that you feel calm and relaxed.