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Saving the culture of teamwork

The concept of propinquity arrives to the office.

Teams don't exist to work remotely, after all, the word team means working together, sharing ideas and opinions in the same space, something you might think would work by properly distributing work to be done from home, but the truth is that this more often results in double work and more than one frustration among teammates.


Working from home, sometimes completely alone, with the absence of sharing face to face with others, leaving the routine and having a good conversation beyond the coldness of the computer screen and the smartphone. Undoubtedly, if the home office continues for a longer period of time, the cultural ties of coexistence within companies will be dangerously threatened.




But, as we've discovered this year, within any problem lie many great opportunities. Currently, we will not only be able to evolve in our treatment and relationship with others, but the evolution of teamwork will also lead to the reconfiguration of work areas.


One of the reasons that most drives us to live with others is our intrinsic sense of proximity. It is part of human nature to need to create interpersonal bonds with others. Proximity exists at the core of every team, every intimate relationship, and every social bond we create. It is for all these reasons that physical location work is so important.




Change will always be difficult at first, but the human being is designed to overcome the tests that are frequently presented to them in their day to day, that is why we know that although distancing is, today, a restriction for our general well-being, we will soon find the right way to maintain this rule without having to lose the warmth of the physical contact between us.