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Recalling why the physical office is so important

Reasons we still need the work space.

Although many have adapted perfectly to work from home, the physical workplace, in the company, is still fundamental for human development and growth, both as employees as well as social beings. The main difference between working from home and working directly from a physical site is that it has become clear that the office is more than a place to work.


The physical office motivates, encourages growth, and fosters culture and a sense of community; it helps us to organize ourselves better, to distribute our time correctly, to differentiate from times of rest or leisure, and from moments of responsibility and professional dedication. In a physical office is where we really know our potential and our ability to be truly productive.




Among the main reasons that have been considered to rescuing the value and importance of the physical office are: Personal and professional growth, continuous innovation, work culture, resilience, creativity, collaboration, digital transformation, connection, agility, effective communication, well-being. , teamwork, change management ... these are factors that are intrinsic to working in a physical space, and there is no way that home office can match it.


The workplace is more than a group of people, equipment, architecture, and furniture put altogether. A workplace supports and fuels personal and professional growth with the force with which a rocket is launched into space.