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Preparations before and after returning to offices

Variety of theories surround the return to workspaces.

Famous for the social success it has had, Actiu's Cool Working philosophy is, without a doubt, a watershed in the modernization of coexistence in the workplace.

This philosophy is defined in five types of workspaces distributed in different spaces: for concentration, collaboration, socialization, learning and privacy. It has been more than proven that this is an effective method of work, based on collaboration to increase productivity in teams. The current problem is the following: can this type of work strategy, which involves collaboration and interaction among others, be maintained in times when the priority is to keep distance from others?.




Actiu believes so. It is a simple matter of re-adapting the measures taken before the pandemic. This re-adaptation, rather than affecting the workspace itself, would consist of modifying the density and flow of personnel in the offices.

According to what was previously proposed, the Home Office would not be saying 'goodbye forever', because what is expected is a reorganization of the employees, foreseeing that not everyone will be at the same time in the offices as before the Covid-19 , but looking for a distribution that, although it could generate a radical change in working schedules as they are known, will promote the physical and mental well-being of employees.




Likewise, the use of furniture for the optimal separation of each person will be more than fundamental, and the implementation of 'hygienic stations' between offices (depending on the size of these), will also be as important as the station for the coffee that we all love. .