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Open Spaces Take Over The Office

These types of offices enhance teamwork and improve potential productivity.

We have said it several times before and we keep saying it: gray offices with desks facing each other and isolating people through dividers are as obsolete a fax machine.

Current work methods point to unassigned and completely free postings, fostering a culture of communication and interaction among employees, a culture of creativity and emotional well-being for those who share an office.




Creating collaborative spaces is quite simple: a few ergonomic furniture pieces, different floors, and a harmonious distribution between videoconference rooms, a coffee room, a dining room, a meeting room, a relaxation room ... and voilà!.

There is no doubt that the biggest advantage of having an office with open spaces is communication and interaction between employees. No matter if it is the floor worker or the CEO, everyone can have more interaction in these types of environments. But among other equally important benefits is the fact that with open spaces you save a lot of unnecessary furniture. The simple fact of not having to buy individual tables for everyone is in itself a great economic relief for any owner or boss.




Another extremely positive feature is the flexibility that open spaces provide, such offices are made to maximize flexibility within offices. Office furniture with open spaces allows you to modify them easily by simply moving things according to the need you have, something that can hardly be done in normal offices where you would have to set up the entire floor.

Have you considered refreshing the design of your offices?.