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Offices that set trends on the little screen

The Office: impressive reality.

When the cast of the popular NBC Universal series, The Office, (starring comedian Steve Carell and filmed in Culver City, California, United States), were announced where they would be filming the series, they could not believe it.


The magic of The Office, with almost 16 years of being released, even today has a large number of followers who continue to keep it alive, as can be seen in the large number of memes that populate social networks every day.




What was the key factor in the success of a series that was almost a documentary about the lives of office workers in a paper supply company? It is precisely there where the key element of its success lay: Dunder Mifflin, an ordinary space in Scranton, Pennsylvania, ordinary yes, but in which the characters lived small special moments of joy and union, which marked a connection between what was seen on screen and the viewers.


The person responsible for creating this environment of normal transcendentalism was Steve Rostine, the set decorator, who admits that creating a space that causes little impact is much more complicated than an environment that shines like a star. To achieve this, in addition to buying institutional-looking pieces of art, one of the most important elements for the set were the desks. The selected desks were ones that previously belonged to a bank, and to make them look even more ordinary, the corners were adapted and then, joined together.