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Offices that set trends on the big screen 2

Nine to Five: female empowerment.

Past and present comedies are often more than simple films to have a good time with. In scripts such as 'Nine to Five' (a classic 80s American comedy), the laughs were just the background to an office vision of the future that, although in the 80s was only a dream, today almost all the possibilities that were presented in the film are a reality.


In this segment, we usually emphasize the set design and interior decoration present in some of the most notable films in history, but this time the focus will fall on how many times what begins as a utopian projection in working politics and philosophies can, eventually, become a reality.




From director Collin Higgins, 'Nine to Five', presents the work situation of three charming office women (masterfully played by the unforgettable: Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, and Dolly Parton) who continually fantasize about the death of their tyrant boss, an unpleasant, sexist, oppressive and selfish man, who sees his employees as tools to exploit without offering them anything to compensate for their work and dedication beyond the established salary, even worse if these employees belong to the female gender.


Seeing the case, it is not surprising that the greatest desire of these women was to see the days of their employer's life come to an end, and in a certain way, this wish comes true and, consequently, the days in which the office is transformed from nightmare to a place with true quality of life and work ethic.




The three women, taking advantage of the tyrant's absence, set up a caretaking center for the employees' children, encourage shared work, create flexible schedules and establish equal wages; These were all dreams that women in the 80s could only sigh and yearn for, but as incredible as it may seem, these ideas presented in a 40-year-old comedy are a reality today.


Looking back at the past is a way of remembering how we came to be on the ground we are on today and feeling more satisfied and proud of what we as a human race have achieved. It also helps us to remember that some dreams, viewed objectively and grounded in unity, can come true if they are made by thinking and acting for the common good.