Nostalgia Brought to the Office

Memories of days gone by are invading the spaces.

Although the retro theme never goes out of fashion, now that our lifestyles have changed fast and radically since last year’s pandemic, more than one seeks to find a bit of harmony and stability by remembering the past, perhaps, more eagerly than before.


The classic and timeless design styles are icons that we constantly see in our daily lives, either because we own a garment or object from a different era than ours, or because the media always bombard us with these elements in videos, advertisements, songs, and all kinds of shows. We know that times like the 60s, 70s, 80s, and even the 90s and 2000s contain endless elements that remind us of unforgettable moments that, whether we like it or not, are part of our culture and society, regardless of where we come from.




In the situation that we find ourselves in this second decade of the 2000s, turning to the past will always carry a great nostalgic burden to face. Until 20 years ago the Internet was just born, everything felt and was slower, there was not always news and there was not a pandemic to deal with. Instead, we now move in an era of super connection where every day there is something new to tell and where yesterday feels like a whole year. Faced with so much speed and almost zero transcendence, remembering past times will always be a resource that we turn to regain the feeling of stability that we often lose in the face of so many changes so frequently.


Therefore, if you feel a wave of nostalgia, take advantage of the moment to redecorate your home office, you will not only be helping your mental and emotional health, but you will be making an impact as part of one of the most popular interior decoration trends for this year.




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