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Noom and Trim

Actiu News

Workspaces are changing every day, adapting to people as well as the tasks and projects they carry out, so furniture must evolve too. The Noom soft seating collection and the Trim operational chair, designed by Alegre Design, are two of Actiu´s latest furniture proposals that have both received European awards. Specifically, a “Bronze in Office Equipment” European Product Design Award and a German Design Award in the Office Furniture category, respectively.


TRIM / German Design Award

The Trim office chair offers comfort and well-being, as well as an attractive and fresh aesthetic. The German Design Award is recognition of all the qualities of a design which places health and well-being above anything else. Its height-adjustable backrest and its adjustable lumbar support are examples of this.




Trim offers extensive customisation options, with three types of backrests as well as different finishes and colours.




So, thanks to its ergonomics and its comfortable backrest, it can equip large workspaces used by people of all ages in all types of roles. Its technical qualities enable adjusting the chairs to each person´s body and needs, whether in a conventional workspace, in a home office or in a coworking space. Its design allows the user to feel good and be more productive wherever he/she is.




NOOM / European Product Design Award

Trim´s versatility in workspaces can be seen in Noom, a soft seating range with the ability to adapt to every team, task and at any time of day. Noom was conceived as a wide range of chairs, armchairs and benches for any time of day; from meetings first thing in the morning to the post-lunch coffee break, which succeeds in providing well-being to the user throughout the whole working day.



Noom´s versatile design was awarded a bronze European Design Award in the Office Equipment category.


Its friendly and versatile design resulted in a soft seating range that combines innovation in design and smoothness in its lines.


Noom fuses artisan upholstery with 3D patterns and seams technology that enable generating new sensations from a soft seating range that uses space organically to create inviting and functional rooms. Whether in a waiting room, a hotel lobby, a restaurant, a meeting room or a collaborative work area, Noom becomes the common denominator of all of them, thanks to an aesthetic and comfort that transcends the difference between spaces.




Workspaces require comfortable solutions that provide well-being while hotels and restaurants, and other contract spaces, require furniture that promotes not only relaxation and socialising, but also spaces where one can work. New technologies quite often blur the lines between leisure and work. Ranges such as Noom and Trim succeed in responding to this new reality.


“Authorship News Credits by ACTIU”.