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Monochrome spaces take over the office

The fashion of the 90s is going strong in 2020.

Although in the past monochromatic spaces were synonymous with combining grays, whites, blacks and browns, current trends point more to bright colors, such as primary colors, this is something that at first may seem very radical, and should be considered with careful selection of colors. For example, a reception room decorated in yellow, at first glance, may be too uncomfortable for those who arrive and have to sit and wait surrounded by such intense color.

Thinking about the ideal color for each space according to its function is the key to achieving harmony and taking full advantage of the place where you want to apply the change.




You can start with the dining area or a rest area, or even the bathroom, where it is easier to use the monochrome theme without causing too much impact. The most advisable thing to do in these spaces is to use light tones, which can generate a feeling of privacy and rest. In the case of offices, blue is the most recommended color, being its ability to generate calm one of its best characteristics, and for conference spaces red can be used, which transmits energy and promotes participation.

The most important thing with the topic of decorating personalized workspaces is to understand that today's world needs sites that promote creativity and employee productivity.