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Mobility, the architects' desk

Actiu News

When your profession requires you to invest great amounts of creativity, multi-task, manipulate different materials and cover spacious surfaces where you unleash your full potential...you need furniture that adapts to all your needs.


Mobility is an elevating desk by Actiu which was created for the purpose of bringing a new concept of work surfaces to architects, designers and in general to all those professionals that need to actively maintain their inspiration, preserving their health.




Current work spaces in which we integrate new technology and new habits, demand new solutions which incorporate dynamic furniture adaptable to the multi-generational face which is present today in the majority of work environments.


In a well-designed work environment, the professional must have the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of positions to carry out their work and be able to switch between them frequently. It has been proven that when the height of the work station can be adapted to the user's body size and the task being done, meaning it is also possible to combine standing and sitting postures throughout the work day, not only improves health and well-being but also increases productivity.




Javier Cuñado, from ITEMdesignworks, has designed Mobility for Actiu, a programme of adjustable tables that sets new standards in the designing of workspaces. As Cuñado describes it, "Mobility offers a wide range of levels and models, all fully combinable with one another, meaning there are endless possibilities for their set up. A three-dimensional furniture system where the configurational concept tries to provide answers for a wide range of models and workspaces. The solutions for height-adjustability are further complemented by a third plane of use versatility."


Advanced countries such as the United States, the Nordic countries and the Central Europeans have already legislated on the importance of applying ergonomic principles in the design of furniture and its distribution in work environments, including setting standards for new work spaces in which they contemplate a certain percentage of mobile positions.


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